Cytogene's Vision and
Applications invited for final year Project/Dissertation of B.Sc, M.Sc, B.Tech & M.Tech Students of Life Sciences.For further details please Call us on 8756658021 or 05222355989. Cytogene Research & Development is now Offering Mini- Project of (One and Half Month) 40-45 Days,that will include a complete short term Project.
Vision & Mission


"Our vision is to be a leading research &development company in India and to become a significant global player by providing high quality, affordable and innovative solutions in the field of Bio-technology & Genetics."


"We will discover, develop and modify the various biotechnological protocols/techniques available in the market for the purpose of research and development. We shall provide this knowledge to the trainees who will be registering either for training /project , through excellence in technology, based on world-class research and development. We are responsible to the society. We shall be good corporate citizens and will be driven by high ethical standards in our practices."