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Stages of filing Patent

CytoGene offers the facility of filing a patent application. Filing a patent application in the Indian Patent Office is the first step towards securing a patent to your invention in India. Our specialized team consisting of patent agents has in-depth understanding of the intrinsic values of patent as well as the experience of successfully handling patent filing.

Stages of filing Patent

The patent application passes through the following major stages:


This is the first step in process of filing the patent. An application has to be submitted by the original inventor. Our highly skilled team members will help you to draft the specifications.


The second stage is that of publication, after which the deposit will be open for the public inspection.


This stage consists of two sub stages. First a request is submitted for examination. After acceptance of which examination of the repot takes place about the patentability of the subject


This stage consists of two sub stages. Opposition could be Pre-grant opposition or Post-grant opposition. Amendments can be made after opposition, if possible.


The last stage is the grant of the patent. Once the controller gets satisfied with all the supporting documents submitted by the inventor about the subject, grant is granted.

How can CytoGene help you?

The most important factor in filing a patent application is preparing a patent specification. Drafting a patent specification is a highly skilled job, which can be only preformed by persons who have both technical as well as patent law.

Our highly skilled team members will help you to from the first step to the last stage until the grant. We will guide you to draft the specifications for filing the patent and provide you with any and every kind of help related o the filing.