Cytogene have a dedicated team of experts who perform meticulous planning for delivering a successful event-
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Event Management

CytoGene organizes Indoor as well as Outdoor programs to benefit students of life Science. The events organized by us constitute of both, the practical as well as the theoretical aspects of the latest techniques & its applications. The programs organized by CytoGene have a complete set of objectives to complete, which would be totally supervised by our Experts. We have employed a dedicated team of experts who perform meticulous planning for delivering a successful event. Few of the Experts from CytoGene Advisory Committee are scheduled to deliver their best performance. All the events are very useful to students as well as faculty member because of the latest topic era of discussion, & its application in Job as well as research & Development prospects. The various participating session makes event more interesting.

All the eventsare formulated such that they prove beneficial to students not only on their academic level but also strengthen their skills to build their careers in concerned field. The set of events that we organize on regular basis are:


CytoGene organizes seminars which act as a means of communication for passing information to a group of people in the field of Life Science. We have a unique Team for Seminar. Many of Scientists from CytoGene Advisory Committee are scheduled to deliver lectures in their field of specialization.

The lectures conducted during these seminars are useful for the students and faculty members as it updates them with the latest progress and issues in biotech field. It also help to find new tools and techniques that students are not aware of.


Workshop is the best way to aware people about the latest technology in fastest and most efficient way practically. CytoGene Lucknow provides outdoor workshop management program for those students who are willing to learn the techniques in short time anddevelop their skills of handling instruments.

The topic for workshop either can be proposed by CytoGene or can be suggested by the hosting Institution/Organization.

All the resources needed during workshop would be provided by CytoGene.


Research experiments are not enough until and unless it is presented on any social platform like conference. We organize conferences as they are the means to access the ongoing research in the field of Life Science. Here members can network and share the idea what they know with each other. CytoGene provides the chance to organize Conference at any Institution/Organization where experts from multiple area will meet at the same platform & shares their knowledge.

A theme topic for the Conference is selected. The conference constitute of several technical sessions like Oral presentations, Poster presentations, Invited lecture sessions. And all the novel ideas are felicitated in award session. Also, the abstracts submitted are published in reputed journals.

These conferences are very productive for the emerging research scholars whose ideas could bring favorable changes to the society.

Training Camp

Besides events like seminar, conference and workshops, CytoGene also organizes training camps. The objective of these camps is to provide industry-specific training as well as hand-on-training to Biotech students for skill development and enhancing their job opportunities in biotech industry. The topics for these training camps are selected keeping in mind both, the industrial and academic aspects. Such training camps evoke interest in students as it is different from their routine work of academics.

Training camps includes lectures by the experts, demonstration of the techniques by faculty members, handling of the instruments by the students and a query session after the camp. The duration of the camp may range from 5- 15 days, depending upon the topic.