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Applications invited for final year Project/Dissertation of B.Sc, M.Sc, B.Tech & M.Tech Students of Life Sciences. For further details please Call us on 8756658021 or 05222355989. Cytogene Research & Development is now Offering Mini- Project of (One and Half Month) 40-45 Days,that will include a complete short term Project.
Extensive Research (12-Month)

Trainees who wish to do imperative research to sharpen their skills in the field of Life Sciences especially Boi-Technology, Genetics, Microbiology & Environmental science are welcome to choose this specific set. Students would be provided a Guide for permanent review.

Students, pursuing Ph.D can also do their work with us for long term as well as for short term.

One publication of research paper/poster at national/international level comes as a compliment. Our Faculty will help in publication. Post-completion trainees would be allowed to do Paper/Poster Presentation at various conferences.

The duration of project will be subjected to the requirement of, Protocols, Academic institutions, Sample availability & nature of projects.

Students may select their topic for mini project from one of the following area or by combining two or more than two area.

Microbiology & Fermentation Technology

Molecular Biology

Biochemistry & Enzyme Technology

Immunology & Pathology

Plant Tissue Culture

Bioinformatics & Genome Analysis

r-DNA Technology & Genetic Engg

Food & Dairy Technology

Animal Cell Culture Technology

Agriculture Technology



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