Cytogene offers publication facilities to the students as a part of this career support program
Applications invited for final year Project/Dissertation of B.Sc, M.Sc, B.Tech & M.Tech Students of Life Sciences. For further details please Call us on 8756658021 or 05222355989. Cytogene Research & Development is now Offering Mini- Project of (One and Half Month) 40-45 Days,that will include a complete short term Project.

Research work in any scenario needs to be told to the society. The research work we do shows the society the benefits of the work being carried out. In layman’s term it mirrors the work of researcher for the benefit of the society. In order to achieve goal CytoGene provides Publication facility to the appropriate research work.

We also offer publication facilities to the students as a part of this career support program. Publication of research work has extensive impact on individuals’ career as it exhibits the efficiency of a student in the research area.

Why we prefer Publication

Publication is preferred by any institute (or) any candidate as it increases the gravity of a person’s profile. The gravity of published material depends upon the impact factor of the magazine in which the article /paper is published. The number of publications reflects the amount of research exposure the person has been through.

At CytoGene, we always want our trainees to shine out & that is a sole reason we encourage our trainees to get their work published & add stars to their profiles.

What could be Published

All research work done by the trainees i.e. academic and extensive project work can be published. Short Communication/review papers/articles are few other things which we get published along with a fully fledged research paper.


CytoGene assists in writing, proof reading and publishing the research paper/mini article/short communication/review articles. Content writing support is provided by our content support team which takes care that the original research work of the candidate is published. This team helps till the article get published in a journal (national/international) with a good impact factor.

Can outside work be publish through CytoGene

Yes, we help to publish the authentic work done outside of the CytoGene Lab, but only after the permission or in association with the lab where work was carried out.

Submit your research work by mailing us at
Once confirmation given by us
Make the payment (for mode of payment refer to the page no. 73
Paper will be submitted to the concerned journal
A hard copy/soft copy of published paper will be sent to you