CytoGene's quality
Applications invited for final year Project/Dissertation of B.Sc, M.Sc, B.Tech & M.Tech Students of Life Sciences. For further details please Call us on 8756658021 or 05222355989. Cytogene Research & Development is now Offering Mini- Project of (One and Half Month) 40-45 Days,that will include a complete short term Project.
Quality Policy

CytoGene (R&D) will meet its statement of mission by

Committing to a structured Quality Program that satisfies the requirements as outlined in ISO 9001:2008;
Committing to provide Quality Education, Training and related services to the students/customers in the areas of
 Information Technology/ Management/ Soft-Skills, ensuring customer delight and satisfaction of interested parties.
Involving industry in both the Development and Evolution of our training programs and courses;
Ensuring that programs and services are designed and implemented with a commitment to meeting student/customer
Ensuring staff are highly qualified through ongoing recruitment, development and training;
Developing and delivering training that emphasizes Competency Based Education Principles;
Ensuring that standards are maintained and improved by active monitoring, reviewing and improving all activities;
Ensuring that measurable and realistic quality objectives are established annually, communicated to all staff, and
  evaluated, reviewed and revised (as needed) on an ongoing basis.
 DATE: 01.09.11