This has been basically entrusted for the student who wishes to do a two to six month long research work in accordance with the partial fulfilment of the Under Graduate, Post Graduate, Degree, Diploma or any other courses,. The sample and work will be totally new to the market, so that it could be published easily.

This would be a complete Dissertation starting from beginning to end. Students need to do wet lab as well as dry lab to complete the Dissertation. A guide would be allotted to review all over the work. We also insist our student to publish their research paper.

Batches for Dissertation (2018 - 2019)

  • Decemebr: 1st, 11th & 20th
  • January: 2nd ,10th & 20th
  • February: 1st, 10th, 20th
  • March: 1st & 10th
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    Who can do ?

    • Students pursuing Final year in any stream of Life Science (B.Sc., B.Tech., M.Sc. and M.Tech.) are eligible for this program
    • why to choose Dissertation ?

    • Those students who have learned the techniques earlier will get module which might have some techniques they already know. To avoid this overlapping, students can select this mini project program as it will allow them to learn how to conceptualize the idea into research. Here they could use all the skills/techniques already known to them into fruitful product. Thus giving them in-depth knowledge of the technique.
    • Areas we cover for Dissertation ?

      (1) Microbiology & Fermentation technology
      • General Microbiology
      • Food Microbiology
      • Pharmaceutical Microbiology
      • Industrial Microbiology
      • Dairy Microbiology
      • Agricultural Microbiology
      (2) Molecular Biology
      • General Molecular Biology
      • Microbial Genetics
      • Plant Genetics
      • PAGE, PCR & Its Variants
      (3)Biochemistry & Enzyme Technology
      • Traditional Biochemistry
      • Food Biochemistry
      • Analytical Chemistry
      • General Enzymology
      • Industrial Enzymology
      (4) Food & Dairy Technology
      • Food Microbiology
      • Dairy Industry
      • Beverages Industry
      • Bakery Industry
      • Agro-based Industry
      (5) Immunology & Pathology
      • Basic Immunology
      • Antigen Antibody Interaction
      • Immuno Genetic
      (6) Bioinformatics & Genome Analysis
      • Basic Bioinformatics
      • Sequence retrieval Tools
      • Structure Visualization Tools
      • Comparative tools
      • Prediction tools
      (7)Recombinant DNA Technology & Genetic Engineering
      • Basics of Genetic Engineering
      • Microbial Genetic Engineering
      • Food Genetic Engineering
      • DNA Fingerprinting
      • Metagenomics Study
      • Morphological study of cells

    Dissertation program Includes

    (1)Literature study on the selected topic
    • This includes a thorough background study related to the area of interest of the student. This helps the student to gain basic knowledge on the topic.
    (2) Synopsis Preparation
    • A layout of the entire work in the form of synopsis is prepared by the student under the guidance of the faculty.
    (3)Synopsis Presentation
    • Synopsis is then presented by the student in the form of presentation to the guide and other faculty members. If accepted and approved by the faculty, the student can move to next step or make the suggested modifications.
    (4) Sample Collection & Lab work
    • Student has to collect the samples from the location as mentioned in their synopsis. This is the major step of the program. Student has to complete his/her entire lab work under the guidance of the faculty. No work will be done by the faculty, student has to perform the entire work by themselves.
    (5)Data Management and result analysis
    • All the results obtained during the work must be managed in very organized form and complete its analysis.
    (6) Review of complete work (Presentation)
    • A review (presentation) of the complete work followed by the viva voice is done for every student individually.
    (7) Report Preparation
    • A compilation of entire work in the form of thesis is prepared by every student. All the steps will be performed by the students under constant guidance of faculty
    (8) Research Paper Publication
    • The trainee would be reaping the benefits of Paper/Poster Publication as well. However, the Publication of Research Paper would be subjected to trainee’s interest

    Duration and charges

    2 Month Dissertation Fees: Rs. 11,000/-
    • It will cover a complete short term work which has been already worked and completed in CytoGene lab. The work may or may not be published by integrating with the long term projects. Notably Students have to perform the complete work with in time limit
    3 Month Dissertation Fees: Rs. 13,000/-
    • In 3 month it will cover a complete project which has not been worked anywhere and new to the research area at moderate handling cost. We approach to publish all the outputs of work.
    4 Month Dissertation Fees: Rs. 15,000/--
    • 4 month Dissertation will cover a complete project which has not been worked anywhere and new to the research area . The handling cost will be higher than other modules. We will try to publish all the outputs of work.
    6 Month Dissertation Fees: Rs. 18,000/-
    • It consist of a complete work which may be for a case study or a work is completely new and needed to establish or a funded work. It will be mandatory to publish all the outputs of Research work.
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