PHD Work

PHD Work

CytoGene offers guidance and support for wide range of research work for scholars who wish to pursue their PhD work in our laboratory. We welcome enquiries from anyone with the ambition and enthusiasm required to meet the challenges of PhD research work and who will make a significant contribution to their research environment. Our laboratory has several external collaborations with universities and research institutes to compile all the work under one roof.

Who can apply?

  • CytoGene has range of research activities which include PhD work. We welcome enquiries from candidates interested in pursuing PhD research in our laboratory. Students enrolled for PhD in their concerned institutes/universities can also complete their wet as well as dry lab work here.
  • The interested candidates can either choose for partial research work to be done in their respective institute/university and rest in our laboratory or candidates can complete their entire wet laboratory work here as per their convenience/need.

Area covered

  • Students of diverse field of Life Sciences can apply for PhD in their respective fields. The areas covered under this program are:

Microbiology & Fermentation technology

  • General Microbiology
  • Food Microbiology
  • Pharmaceutical Microbiology
  • Industrial Microbiology
  • Dairy Microbiology
  • Agricultural Microbiology

Molecular Biology

  • General Molecular Biology
  • Microbial Genetics
  • Plant Genetics
  • PAGE, PCR & Its Variants

Biochemistry & Enzyme Technology

  • Traditional Biochemistry
  • Food Biochemistry
  • Analytical Chemistry
  • General Enzymology
  • Industrial Enzymology

Food & Dairy Technology

  • Food Microbiology
  • Dairy Industry
  • Beverages Industry
  • Bakery Industry
  • Agro-based Industry

Immunology & Pathology

  • Basic Immunology
  • Antigen Antibody Interaction
  • Immuno Genetic

Bioinformatics & Genome Analysis

  • Basic Bioinformatics
  • Sequence retrieval Tools
  • Structure Visualization Tools
  • Comparative tools
  • Prediction tools

Recombinant DNA Technology & Genetic Engineering

  • Basics of Genetic Engineering
  • Microbial Genetic Engineering
  • Food Genetic Engineering
  • DNA Fingerprinting
  • Metagenomics Study
  • Morphological study of cells

What we provide

  • CytoGene provide several provisions for the students who has enrolled for the PhD from any Institute or University. These facilities are provided to the students as per their choice. Few such facilities are listed below.

Part / Complete PhD Work

  • The student can complete their full lab work of the PhD if all the facilities are available in CytoGene. Those candidate can also complete their work who have already done part of the PhD work and interested in the remaining part.

Synopsis Preparation

  • Our well experienced faculties help the students from the very first stage of PhD program i.e., Literature study and synopsis preparation. This helps the scholar to first understand the basis of his/her work and to prepare a layout for the study. Thus facilitating a better and deeper understanding of the work.

Guidance in the Research Work

  • The research scholars are free to discuss any kind of doubts/query regarding their research work with the experienced faculty and Associated member of CytoGene. Our faculties also guide the students to learn the techniques and instrument handling required for their work. Students are also provided with the study materials and books for the reference in their work

Guidance in Thesis Preparation

  • Our aim is to provide a complete support to the research scholar which includes the thesis preparation. Once the research work is complete, the scholar need to prepare the thesis of their research work. Our faculty members will completely help them in doing so.


  • CytoGene also offers the facility of publication for the research scholars as their work gets complete. Our faculty members assists in writing, proof reading and publishing the research paper/ research articles. Content writing support is provided by team which takes care that the original research work of the candidate is published in a journal with good impact factor.

Co-guide for PhD

  • CytoGene also provides a co-guide to the students who wish for it. The Co- Guide will guide the scholar during his/her entire PhD work. All the queries related to the work/techniques/concepts will be resolved by the co-guide

Extra Curricular activities for PhD scholars

  • The research scholars are involved in various events like seminars, national/international conferences, symposium etc organized by CytoGene which help them to get exposure in real world of Life Sciences. Such events also give them the opportunity to meet eminent personalities of their respective fields. Thus our research scholar has high level of integration with these eminent personalities which facilitates communication and exchange of ideas.
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