Advance r-DNA Technology

Advance r-DNA Technology

Recombinant DNA molecules are edited in laboratory, by methods of genetic recombination (such as molecular cloning) to bring together genetic material from multiple sources, creating sequences that would not otherwise be found in biological organisms. Recombinant DNA is possible because DNA molecules from all organisms share the same chemical structure. They differ only in the nucleotide sequence within that identical overall structure. The DNA sequences used in the construction of recombinant DNA molecules can originate from any species. In CytoGene, we offer several modules of training as well as dissertation/project in Recombinant DNA Technology. The duration of the programs offered for training are 15 & 30 days.


Batches for Winter /Summer Training (2018 - 2019)

(For Both 15 Days & 30 Days)                                             

November:  1st, 10th & 20th
December1st, 10th, 20th & 26th
January:  2nd, 5th, 10th, 15th,  21st & 25th
February: 1st, 11th, 20th & 26th
March:  1st, 11th, & 20th 

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Advance RDT

Duration: 30 Days Fees: Rs. 8,000/-
  • Good laboratory practices
  • Introduction r-DNA Technology (Basic & Applications)
  • Demonstration of all Instrument
  • Chemical calculation & Reagent Preparation


    • Preparation of stock solution
    • Sequence retrieval
    • Primer designing

      Microbial Genetic Engineering

      • L.B. Broth preparation & Sterilization
      • Culturing & multiplication
      • Plasmid DNA Isolation
      • Electrophoresis
      • PCR
      • Restriction digestion
      • Ligation, Competent cell preparation, Transformation, Screening

        Metagenomics Study

        • DNA isolation from soil
        • Electrophoresis
        • Quantification
        • PCR amplification

          Bioinformatic Analysis

          • Sequence Retrieval
          • Determination of Tm value of retrieved DNA Sequences
          • Pairwise Akignment
          • Multiple Sequence Alignment
          • Phylogram and Cladogram Analysis
          • Primer Designing

Basic RDT

Duration: 15 Days Fees: Rs. 5,000/-
  • General Laboratory Practices.
  • Introduction to Bioinformatics (Basic & Application).
  • Demonstration of Instruments
  • Chemical Calculation & Reagent Preparation
  • Preparation of Stock Solution
  • Primer designing
  • L.B. Broth preparation & Sterilization
  • Culturing & multiplication
  • Isolation of DNA from GMO’s
  • Isolation of DNA from non - GMO’s
  • Qualitative determination of GMO’s & non - GMO’s
  • RFLP of isolated DNA
  • Fingerprinting analysis
  • DNA isolation from soil
  • Electrophoresis & Quantification

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